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Why you should change your ssh default port.

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 PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 11:47 am   
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When you think about the kinds of things we did back in 2008 and the kinds and nature of the attacks that any server can be under today, to even think of having fewer measures in place than what we discussed many years ago is unfathomable.

I'm not sure exactly which SSL ports we were discussing back in 2008. Today, the common SSL port for HTTPS traffic is port 443. I'm not sure at all that just changing the port alone would be much more than a momentary disruption or delay for anyone serious about making an intrusion, but from what I have learned over the many years in working with these matters, any door or wall that you put in the way of a would-be intruder at least takes that away. Many intruders look first for the wide open door or the easy access, so if you eliminate those, at least you have passed the first step. But these days the intruders are very clever. One of the most common ways to get in is to trick either you or others into either directly or indirectly provide the information they need to gain access into whatever resources of yours or others that may lead them to their ultimate payload destination.

For some, it's the ability to gain access into many different systems, from which they can launch a great number of different inquiries, and ultimately build up their attack strategy and database of what information they are seeking.

For others, they are smart enough to routinely intrude upon most any system that has standard security, but not much else. So the questions for any of us that put a system together is what could the would-be intruder benefit from? If you are not running a server, the intruder could use your system as a connection or a launch point for other activities. Is there any information you have to lose, other than the intrusion of your privacy?

All of these things are factors to consider. Network World sometimes has useful articles about the current state of security and includes a series of articles from forensic security experts and case studies of recent major breaches in corporate security. These are not necessarily "panic items" for the casual user with just a workstation, but they may give you an idea of what the most skilled intruders are capable of doing to what, on the surface, appears to be a reasonably secure system, but is only as secure as the weakest access point.

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